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Our Features

These are our Unique Features

UK Registered

The company has been registered in United Kingdom under the name of TerraCash Technologies which has its registered office in London. We are engaged in Trading, Mining & Masternode Staking.

Risk Management - Insured

To increase the safety of deposits and to protect the financial interests , TerraCash Technologies insured for £3.000.000 with the LLOYDS OF LONDON.


We know our customer's needs, and we provide them with the most comfortable and safe investment conditions while ensuring a high asset growth rate.

Crypto Services

The Crypto Revolution has just begun. As we know it is just the starting of the crypto bull run, started with Bitcoin's, this is the perfect time for investing. Our team who works for 24/7, investing on various verticals

TerraCash Verticals

Our team with wide and vast experience they anticipate in Cryto Trading with different portfolios and Cloud mining and will be hosting different Masternodes to ensure high returns with low risk

Best Management Team

We created our own unique style of financial management, our own unprecedented method of managing financial flows, thanks to which each investor can rest assured that our cooperation will be profitable.

Support 24/7

We provide 24/7 customer support through Support Tickets & E-mails. Users can reach our support representatives, who are are always available to answer any question


Our website is secured with 256-bit encryption from COMODO PositiveSSL with Extended Validation that verifies the authenticity of our company.

About Us

TerraCash is a true opportunity to earn on cryptocurrency. Now a days cryptocurrency is one of the main payment instruments, which can be used online. TerraCash has been using this kind of digital payment for quite a while to gain and raise profit. TerraCash , is an officially registered company which gives its clients all required guarantees, including confidentiality of data provided by clients at the registration procedure. Apart from this we guarantee accrual of requested payments in due time and full amount. The company's system, including support service, works 24 hours, which means you are always welcome to contact our experts in case you have any questions. TerraCash , provides its clients with an opportunity to invest money into cloud mining farms located all around the world to obtain quite a big income later, which can be done even without client's direct participation. The company actively uses trading bots on digital currency stock-markets, which is very convenient and profitable. We host the most profitable and high potential Masternode of various project to gain the staking rewards. We also try to attract new partners and share our experience with the like-minded people all over the world.

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Mr Jashim


The Website seems to be professional and elegant, I was so happy to be a part of Testing Phase. So far everything went well

Mr. Roy


Just Registered and immediately got the $5 Registration Bonus. Keep it well

William John

United States

I went through everything, Nice updates

How It's Work

Deposit, Stake and Earn Rewards

Get Deposit

Deposit the desirable amount by one of our automatic deposit platforms

Stake Money

Choose the desired plan or staking

Get Staking Rewards

Choose the number of days to wanna stake and till that time you will receive the staking rewards in to your wallet

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Business Plans

We have 6 plans which will allow you to generate up to 7% per day. And do not forget that you get 5% of your referral purchases directly to your bitcoin wallet the next day.

Flexible - Silver

0.5 %
Daily / 150 Times

  • Features
  • Invest Min-Max Amount:
    $ 10 - $ 1000
  • Capital Will Store
  • 24/7Support
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Flexible - Gold

0.75 %
Daily / 150 Times

  • Features
  • Invest Min-Max Amount:
    $ 1001 - $ 10000
  • Capital Will Store
  • 24/7Support
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Flexible - Platinum

1 %
Daily / Lifetime

  • Features
  • Invest Min-Max Amount:
    $ 10001 - $ 100000
  • Capital Will Store
  • 24/7Support
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Fixed Amount

10 USD
Daily / 100 Times

  • Features
  • Fixed Invest Amount:
    $ 500
  • Capital Will Store
  • 24/7Support
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Gem Weekly

12 %
Weekly / 20 Times

  • Features
  • Invest Min-Max Amount:
    $ 500 - $ 5000
  • Capital Will Return Back
  • 24/7Support
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Life Time

3 %
Daily / Lifetime

  • Features
  • Fixed Invest Amount:
    $ 1000
  • Capital Will Store
  • 24/7Support
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Meet Our Team Members

Passionate and Professional

Marquis Ogre


Allis Lui


Ali Hasan Gupta

Support Officer

Liaquit Josh

Customer relation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need some help with anything or got a burning question that you need answered ? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer...

Yes, TerraCash Technologies is a British investment company which has its registered office in London. We are engaged in Trading, Mining & Masternode Staking in the cryptocurrency market.
We are involved in various platforms like Crypto Trading, Cloud Mining & Hosting Masternodes for Staking to generate revenue which will be disturbed among the users.
TerraCash uses modern security protocols, respecting the complete anonymity of investors for third parties.
The minimum deposit amount is $30, the maximum you can deposit at one time is $500,000 Per each deposit , Surely you can make deposit higher than $500,000 by several deposits.
The minimum amount for withdrawal is $10. There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.
For deposits in bitcoin and other crypto currency it could be some time lag which is required for getting confirmations by bitcoin network. If your deposit hasn't appear in your account for a long time, please contact us. Your deposit should be activated immediately if you use Payeer or Perfect Money.
Yes, sure. You may reinvest your profit from your account balance. While investing you have to choose either your Deposit Wallet or Staking Wallet
Affiliate bonus will be paid to your account balance as soon as your referral processes his deposit from external processor.
Pay attention that you need to be an active investor in order to obtain referral commission. This is very important point, because you can't advise your friends or partners to work with Terracash if you haven't try our service.

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